Group Fitness

FREE group exercise classes available to you and your family! We offer classes for every activity level. From beginner low impact to more involved choreographed classes, you will find the perfect wellness program for you. Please note there is a $10.00 per visit charge for non-members. Click here for our schedule!


Low-impact aquatic exercise that blends cardio-conditioning and body toning.

Boot Camp

A combination of resistance and strength training classes designed to be performed in a circuit or interval set adds different exercises and equipment for a full-body workout.

Cycle Strong

Increase your cardiovascular and muscular endurance-burn lots of calories with this challenging and motivating cycling workout.


A high energy interval class that works on stamina, strength and endurance. Get maximum results in only 30 minutes. You ‘ll improve your endurance, chisel your body, and burn calories.

Power Circuit

A fun and fast-moving class that incorporates full-body strength and cardio exercise into circuit stations.


Suspension training bodyweight exercises develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. TRX performance training leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to enable a variety of exercises for all fitness levels. Class size is limited to 6 participants. (Additional fee required)


Increases flexibility and builds strength through various poses and postures. It helps improve posture, rejuvenate energy levels, relieve stress, and reduce fatigue.


Exotic rhythms set to high energy Latin and international beats.

Zumba Step

A combination of toning and the strengthening power of step aerobics with fun fitness-party that only Zumba brings to the dance floor!