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May 23, 2020

COVID-19 Information


This is Woodbridge Mayor John McCormac and today is Saturday, May 23.

Woodbridge Township had only three new cases of Coronavirus yesterday from the general public (you heard that right, three) and one other from a State institution. That puts us just across the 1,500 mark with 1,502 general cases plus 74 from State facilities and 55 from St. Joseph’s Nursing Home.

That is our absolute lowest number since tracking began back in mid-March other than the Mother’s Day count which was zero. Let’s keep up the progress by continuing to wear masks, socially distance ourselves and practice good personal hygiene. Always check on your neighbors.

We are very happy to report that our collections in the effort to raise money for We Feed Woodbridge have crossed the $90,000 mark and we continue to pursue our goal of getting to $100,000. Thank you to all who have contributed funds or food.

Our Food Bank volunteers report a 33% increase in the number of people seeking help from our food pantries which is not at all surprising given the large spike in the number of people who have become unemployed. Most of us have never experienced and cannot imagine going to bed hungry so we really have to do all we can to help those in need. We might never know who we are helping, but they are our friends and they are our Woodbridge Township neighbors so please do whatever you can.

Please check our web site and Facebook for a listing of virtual and in some cases live religious services this weekend. Many houses of worship are starting to have drive-in services because it is still not permissible to have more than 10 people gathering inside. I went to a drive-in Mass last Sunday morning and after nine weeks without going and it was simply awesome. Check with your local religious leader about their plans.

So my foolish friend started working at a bank on his first day out of college but he was fired right away. It seems that a lady asked him to check her balance so he pushed her and she fell over and got hurt.

Because there will likely be very limited testing this weekend we will skip the daily reports for tomorrow and Monday and be back with you on Tuesday.

Thank you and enjoy the Memorial Day weekend and remember all of those who lost their lives protecting ours.

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