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January 19, 2021

COVID is still active in Woodbridge, wear a mask & social distance.


This is Woodbridge Mayor John McCormac and today is Tuesday, January 19.
The Township had 267 new cases of Coronavirus in the general public in the last four days with 89 on Friday, 87 on Saturday, 35 on Sunday and 56 on Monday. There were no new cases in State facilities but unfortunately we are sad to report the passing of an 88 year old female from Covid19 back on December 30. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

The two lower days on Sunday and Monday dropped our seven day rolling average to 70, so it’s moving in the right direction but still very high.
Please remember good personal hygiene, mask wearing and social distancing and honor the limits on gatherings. If you have neighbors who are homebound or living alone please check on them periodically.

Correspondence from the State about various COVID-19 guidelines is on our Township web site for your review.

The Township is giving vaccines to people at the Woodbridge Health Center and our original delivery of 1,000 doses will be exhausted by tomorrow. We expect 300 more first doses this week, along with 500 of the second doses for everyone who was inoculated on December 28 and 29.

Please understand that the Township is not responsible for scheduling people in Category 1B which is done by the State Department of Health. This category includes people over 65 and people between 16 and 64 with specific medical conditions and it is next on the list after first responders and health care workers.
We can help you register for the vaccine if you call 732-726-6264. As of now, we believe we have contacted everyone who left a message for us so if we did not please call back as soon as you can. Special thanks to our Senior Center Coordinators: Liz, Liz, Rosemary and Sondra and to their Supervisor Cynthia for the great job they have done working with our seniors.

Please remember that we cannot offer medical advice or advise you as to whether or not you should get the vaccine.

Our annual Have-A-Heart food drive kicked off last week and we are doing great so far but the demand is higher than ever so we appreciate everyone who donates by check made out to We Feed Woodbridge and mailed to Town Hall at 1 Main St., Woodbridge NJ 07095 or by dropping food to our Health Center, Woodbridge Community Center or any library or senior center.

Thank you to We Feed Woodbridge contributors Marybeth and Debbie of Colonia.

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Thank you and stay safe.

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