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March 8, 2021

COVID is still active in Woodbridge, wear a mask & social distance.


This is Woodbridge Mayor John McCormac and today is Monday, March 8.

The Township had 105 new cases of Coronavirus from the general public over the weekend with 44 on Friday, 30 on Saturday and 31 on Sunday. That is very consistent with our recent history as our three day, seven day, and 30 day rolling averages are all in the mid-30s. That’s more than we want to see, but it is still only half of the numbers we had in January.

There were no new cases in outside facilities but we unfortunately have three new COVID-19 related deaths to report of males aged 68, 73 and 82. Please keep all of these individuals in your thoughts and prayers.

Please remember to follow the guidelines of good personal hygiene, mask wearing, social distancing and watch the rules on indoor and outdoor gatherings. Please keep an eye on your neighbors.

Beginning Mon., March 15, teachers and support staff in grades Kindergarten through 12 are eligible for the vaccine as well as childcare workers in licensed and registered settings. Also eligible are public and local transportation workers and public safety workers who are not sworn law enforcement or fire professionals who were in Category 1A.

Starting in three weeks on March 29 the following categories are eligible; food production, agriculture, food distribution, eldercare and support staff, warehousing and logistics, social services support staff, elections personnel, hospitality, medical supply chain, postal and shipping services, clergy and anyone in the judicial system.

Thank you to our high school students for a great food drive yesterday and thank you to the American Irish Association of Woodbridge who has teamed with our nine Fire Departments to host a two week food drive. Please bring boxes or cans of non-perishable food to your local Firehouse before Sunday morning when it will be picked up and sent to our 11 food pantries. Thank you to both organizations.

The Woodbridge Main Library has Federal and State 1040 forms and instructions and Librarians can assist in accessing other forms. You can visit for more information or for information about a multitude of programs and services.

So my dopey friend is a Mets fan. He hates the Yankees. He was in a Boston bar one day and spotted a guy in a Yankee hat so he bought the whole bar a drink except that guy who then thanked him. He bought a round again and the Yankee fan thanked him again. This went on three more times before my friend finally asked the bartender why the guy in the Yankee hat kept thanking him and was not angry that he was not getting a drink. The bartender said “Because he owns the place!!!”

Thank you. Stay safe and enjoy the warmer weather this week. Let’s hope it chases the virus away.

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