Woodbridge Community Development Block Grant Program


Availability of the Draft 2022 Annual Action Plan

Substantial Amendment for 2021 Annual Action Plan

For the Township of Woodbridge, NJ

In accordance with the Federal regulations at 24 CFR Part 91, the Township of Woodbridge has prepared a Draft 2022 Annual Action Plan for Community Planning and Development Programs. This document is a requirement for direct assistance under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG).

HUD regulations and the Woodbridge Citizen Participation Plan require the publication of a notice which:

a) States the availability of the Draft Annual Action Plan and locations where copies are available for examination;

b) Summarizes the Draft 2022 Annual Action Plan

c) Allows citizens an opportunity to comment on the Citizen Participation Plan


The Draft 2022 Annual Action Plan is available during the period of May 16, 2022 through June 16, 2022 for citizens, public agencies and other interested parties to examine its contents and to submit comments. Citizens may submit their comments through the mail or email to eric.griffith@twp.woodbridge.nj.us . Comments will be received until June 9, 2022. Comments submitted by mail should be addressed to: Eric J. Griffith, Community Development Coordinator, Township of Woodbridge, 1 Main St, Woodbridge, NJ 07095. Copies of the Plan are available for public inspection during regular Township hours at the Community Development office and online at www.twp.woodbridge.nj.us


The 2022 Draft Annual Action Plan addresses and contains Woodbridge’s Housing, and Non-Housing Needs, Objectives, Proposed Projects, an Action Plan, and other required statements.

The purpose of the Draft Plan is to establish funding amounts for housing and non-housing assistance for 2021. At this date, Woodbridge Township expects to receive and allocate $703,254 in 2021 CDBG funds and $145,426 in Recaptured funds as follows:

a) $196,518 Public Services (Multi Service Program on Aging, Family Youth Counseling, Kiddie Keep Well Program, Ozanam Homeless Shelter, Accent CDC, Greenway Services, Perth Amboy YMCA Homeless Shelter)

b) $510,743 for Olsen Towers Affordable Housing Project

c) $135,560 for Planning and Administration

d) $100,000 for ADA Housing Rehab (Ramps and Tommy Tool Box)

Contingency Provision: Because the federal budgeting process was later this year than normal, the planning and discussion of this Action Plan largely took place prior to HUD’s announcement of allocations. Those discussions include a contingency that if the actual allocation is marginally higher or lower than the estimated budget being used for planning purposes, the budgets will be proportionally increased or decreased from the estimated funding levels to match actual allocation amounts.

Public Hearing

On May 31, 2022, a public hearing will be held on the 2022 Annual Action Plan at 5:30 p.m. at the Township Municipal Building, 1 Main Street, NJ. Interested parties may attend the hearing and present their comments on the Draft Plan.

After considering citizen comments, the Plan will be adopted with such modifications as deemed appropriate.

The Final Plan and Resolution of Authorization will be placed on the June 2022 Municipal Council Meeting Agenda. Upon approval, the document will be submitted to the Middlesex County Home Consortium for submittal to the HUD regional office in Newark, New Jersey.

Substantial Amendment

The purpose of this notice is to present substantial amendments to the Township of Woodbridge’s FY 2021 Annual Action Plans for the use of Community Development Block Grant CDBG CV funds. In accordance with CDBG program regulations, the Township is allowed to make substantial amendments to its Annual Action Plan and Budget in accordance with the Township’s Citizen Participation Plan.

Woodbridge has determined that it is necessary to amend the approved CDBG 2021 program budget. This is considered a substantial amendment in accordance with Woodbridge’s Citizen Participation Plan as the following applies: a) Adding or dropping an activity and b) increasing the budget of an existing activity.

The amendments proposed are as follows:

Project Budget - Balance as of 4/2022 Revised Budget Change

Project to be Amended

Public Park/Facility Improvements - Cypress Park - improvements to -Level Playing Field and removing architectural barriers/ADA improvements (2021)(IDIS 543)

New Scope of Work: Energy efficiency Improvement, including HVAC system in Cypress Recreation Center 881 West Ave $210,723 $30,000.00 - $30,000.00

Olsen Towers - acquisition and site development costs for construction of 75 affordable Housing Authority Units. Project is the Olsen Towers Housing Authority units - consisting of 75 affordable rentals located at 555 New Brunswick Avenue. Units will be demolished and new units built at site of Ford Theater located at 537 New Brunswick Avenue (2022) $ 0 $180,723.00 + $180,723.00

In order to obtain the views of residents, public agencies and other interested parties, the Township has placed the Substantial Amendment on public display beginning May 16, 2022 on the Township’s website at the following address: www.twp.woodbridge.nj.us This document will be available to the public for a period of thirty (30) days until June 16, 2022, after which time the Substantial Amendment will be considered by the Township Council for submittal to HUD for approval. A Public Hearing on the Amendment will be held on May 31, 2022, at 5:30 p.m. at the Township Municipal Building, 1 Main Street, NJ. Interested parties may attend the hearing and present their comments on the Amendment.